Yomega Power Brain XP Yo-Yo

Yomega Power Brain XP Yo-Yo

Yomega Corp.


The Power Brain XP by Yomega is an auto-return yo-yo featuring Smart Switch technology. It also uses the same type of clutch as the original Power Brain but now it can be enabled or disabled. Disabling the clutch using the switch allows the player to perform more advanced sleeping tricks with the yo-yo. It's having an auto-return and transaxle yo-yo all in one package! Perfect for beginners! COLORS WILL VARY. Ages 6+

Weight: 68.7 grams
Diameter: 60.2mm
Width: 36.45mm
Material: Plastic
Bearing size : Plastic transaxle sleeve with O-ring
Response system: Auto-return clutch, complimented by starbursts & Clutch can be disabled via switch

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