The Boy Who Drew Cats And Other Japanese Fairy Tales

The Boy Who Drew Cats And Other Japanese Fairy Tales

Dover Publications Inc.


"A talking tea kettle, a monstrous goblin-spider that lives in a haunted temple, miniature soldiers that plague a lazy young bride, & other fanciful creatures abound in this captivating collection of 11 Japanese fairy tales.

"Youngsters are transported to a faraway world of samuari warriors, rice fields, humble cottages, & a magical spring in 5 tales excellently translated & adapted by noted writer & linguist Lafcadio Hearn: The Fountain of Youth, Chin-Chin Kobakama, The Goblin Spider, The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumplings, & the title story. 6 additional stories -- in versions by Grace James, Basil Hall Chamberlain, & other authorities on Japanese folklore -- include The Tea Kettle, The Wooden Bowl, My Lord Bag-o'-Rice, The Hare of Inaba, The Silly Jellyfish, & The Matsuyama Mirror.

"21 original illustrations by Yuko Green enhance these imaginative & whimsical fables sure to delight young readers & listeners with their strange & engaging characters."

Paperback unabridged edition with easy-to-read type.

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