Slackers Tree Climbers

Slackers Tree Climbers

Brand 44/B4 Adventure DBA Bolder Play


Take the ground out of playground with Slackers Tree Climbers Kit! These are easy to install & make it easy to climb up the tree & transition over to our award winning Slackers Ninjaline (sold separately). The set includes 6 bases with ratchet straps & 4 climbing holds (2 foot holds & 2 hand holds). Tree Climbers are easy to install without harming a tree. These can be spaced closer together to start & spaced farther apart as they grow. Standard climbing hold bolts are used so you can also switch out for your own holds for extra training.

6 heavy duty strong base plates: 7” width x 6” height x 2” depth
36" Adjustable ratchet system with 1” webbing
4 multi-colored climbing holds
Max weight: 250 pounds
Ages 5+

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