Practical Mental Magic

Practical Mental Magic

Dover Publications Inc.


Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines, & other "psychic" effects are among the most impressive tricks in any magician's repertoire. Their power to amaze & dumbfound an audience is unparalleled in the domain of stage magic. In this volume, one of the greatest of all mental magicians reveals the secrets behind nearly 200 astonishing feats of mental magic.

The routines encompass 12 major categories: Effects with Billets & Pellets; Envelope Necromancy; Publicity Effects; Miracle Slate Routines; Dead or Alive; Money Mentalism; Book Tests; Blindfold Reading; Thought Foretold; Mentalism with Cards; Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces; & Psychic Codes.

Theodore Annemann, through his own performances & editorship of Jinx magazine, did much to popularize this branch of entertainment. Now, his extensive knowledge, experience, & know-how are at your fingertips in this comprehensive collection. Here are the closely guarded tricks of the trade behind such astonishing effects as Pseudo-Psychometry, one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever achieved; Who Killed Mr. X? — a classic routine that combines both magic & mind reading with a triple mystery & a novel presentation; & The Swami Test, a demonstration of prophecy first popularized around 1920. Annemann himself came up with some 16 variations on this popular & much-practiced effect.

These & scores of other crowd-pleasers are here, each thoroughly explained & diagrammed, with insiders' tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants & confederates, diversions — everything you need to make any trick a foolproof success. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props & a willingness to learn from one of magic's legendary figures. Although written for professional magicians, the step-by-step detail, clarity & inclusiveness of this collection, along with the author's intimate knowledge of the stage performer's needs, make this a volume that will benefit magicians at every level of expertise.

Paperback book written by Theodore Annemann.
This is the paperback book only, no props are included.

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