Japanese Decorative Designs Coloring Book

Japanese Decorative Designs Coloring Book



"The decorative designs featured here are timeless examples of Japanese artistry. Although little is known of their creators or the actual dates of their creation, such designs reflect Japanese artists' historically deep appreciation of beauty in art & nature & have influenced tastes in everything from textiles to paper goods, furniture to fine art. Europe & North America have long been enamored of Japanese design & aesthetics, particularly since Japan opened its political & economic borders in 1868, providing the impetus for an unprecedented exchange of arts & culture with the West."

"The 22 textile designs selected for this coloring book reside in the collections of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, which include more than 13,000 textiles & costumes from traditions around the world."
22 designs to color, printed on beautiful thick paper. Each page is blank on the back to prevent colors bleeding into the next image, & to encourage removing images for display.

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