I Like Space... What Jobs Are There?

I Like Space... What Jobs Are There?

Educational Development Corpor


"That's a job?

"Do you love space & dream of working in a space-related career when you grow up? If the answer is yes, then this book is for you!
Turn the pages to follow a day-in-the-life of 25 people whose jobs involve working with space. You'll discover what an astronaut does all day, what it takes to become an astronomer, how to become a space lawyer, & more. From designing space suits, to looking after an astronaut's health, to creating equipment for spacecraft, this fun, fact-packed book reveals a world of opportunities.
What are you waiting for? Dive in & discover how to turn your love of space into the perfect career!"

A large-scale hardcover book by Steve Martin & illustrated by Tom Woolley.

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