Eddy Sharky 27in Diamond Kite

Eddy Sharky 27in Diamond Kite

HQ Kites


Our classic diamond kites are easy to assemble, easy to fly, & come with beautiful graphics. All diamond kites come ready to fly including kite tail, handle, & line. This ferocious flyer features an illustration of a shark, teeth barred. Ages 5+

Width: 68 cm
Height: 68 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: Fibreglass 4 mm
Line: incl., Polyester 17 kp, 40 m on spool
Wind (Bft.): 2-5 (6-38 km/h, 4-24 mph)
Age: 5+

We do not accept returns on kites.

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