Constellations Knowledge Cards

Constellations Knowledge Cards



"People have been inventing constellations--imaginary shapes made by mentally connecting the astral dots--for at least 6,000 years. Constellations are celestial landmarks that provide mnemonic assistance to astronomers, farmers, & sailors, & quiet pleasure to the rest of the us.

This deck of 48 cards presents a concise but highly informative look at 47 star groups. Each card has a chart of a constellation on the front; its position & area, brightest star & number of visible constituent stars, & zodiac sign appear on the back, with notes about the constellation's origin & history. (For example, what the Greeks saw as Cancer, the crab, was Scarabaeus--the beetle--to the Egyptians.) The 48th card has a glossary of astronomical terms on the front & general information about the heavens on the back. These cards are a great way to learn to navigate the night sky."

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