The Big Book of Superheroes

The Big Book of Superheroes

Gibbs Smith, Publisher


"The Big Book of Superheroes will teach you how to:
- Defend yourself from preschooler supervillians
- Find a good battle cry
- Make your own jetpack
- Battle costume wedgies
- Interview & hire sidekicks
- Customize your secret lair
- Learn hand-to-hand & foot-to-butt combat"

"This hilarious book even tells you how to become a supergenius! (We'd explain it here, but you wouldn't get it--yet!) In these pages, you will snicker at superhero humor, snort at the Ten Lamest Superpowers, or just sneeze if you're allergic to its superawesomeness."

A hefty hardcover book for ages 8+ all about becoming a superhero written by Bart King & illustrated by Greg Paprocki.

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