Superheroes Stained Glass Coloring Book

Superheroes Stained Glass Coloring Book

Dover Publications Inc.


"Let your creativity shine through!"
"Dover's premium-quality stained glass coloring books are printed on translucent pages that glow when colored & taped to windows or held up to other light sources. To create different effects, experiment with crayons, markers, paints, & other media. Plus, the finished sheets can be used as ornaments, suncatchers, & other arts & crafts projects."

"Villians, beware -- there's a new crew of champions in town! They're not just heroes, they're superheroes! In this action-packed stained glass coloring book, muscular crusaders in flashy costumes assemble to defend the world from sinister characters. Many pages feature multiple panels of awe-inspiring adventures, offering colorists a chance to capture the visual excitement of graphic novels."

Paperback stained glass coloring book with illustrations by Ted Rechlin.

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