Glowing Milky Way Adhesives (230pc)

Glowing Milky Way Adhesives (230pc)

University Games


Explore the Milky Way Galaxy in your own room with these glowing stickers! This package includes 230 stickers shaped like stars, shooting stars, circles, moons, & planets. Powered by Glominite technology, these space stickers are guaranteed to glow longer & brighter than others. If you're not satisfied with your Glowing Milky Way Adhesives, simply follow the guarantee directions on the back of the package. Ages 5+

1. Remove a sticker from the backer sheet.
2. Position the shape & push gently until secure.
3. Expose the stickers to light for at least 1 minute, then turn off the lights to watch them glow. (Pro-tip: super charge your stars with a UV/black light!)
4. The adhesive is safe, but shouldn't be used on fresh paint or wallpaper.

Includes: 230 glow-in-the-dark adhesives, star map

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