Celtic Knotwork Stained Glass Coloring Book

Celtic Knotwork Stained Glass Coloring Book

Dover Publications Inc.


"Recreate the glories of Celtic art with this collection of intricate knotwork.
First used hundreds of years ago, Celtic knots were great for filling in borders & empty spaces in illuminated manuscripts, sculptures, & jewelry. (They rarely appeared by themselves.) Stunning in their simplicity, the knotted patterns are made up of single paths that never end except within themselves."

This collection invites colorists of all age sto enhance 16 traditional knotwork designs with colors of their choice. Some serpentine motifs incorporate animal forms; all display the distinctive spirals & weaves of Celtic design. When colored with crayons, paints, or other media & placed near a source of bright light, these intriguing images will glow with all the luster of stained glass art."

Paperback stained glass coloring book illustrated by A.G. Smith.

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